All about The Ranch Menagerie

The Ranch Menagerie incorporated in 2008 as a non-profit in Ohio. Our main purpose is to provide homes for abandoned, lost, or owner surrendered farm animals such as chickens, ducks, goats, sheep, pot belly pigs; and working class dogs, like Australian Shepherds, Collies, Border Collies, etc.  The most current population count is 84, counting all the ducks. 
The Ranch Menagerie is a no-kill facility. 

Visiting the Ranch: 

Visitors are welcome, by appointment only. If you are interested in learning more about The Ranch Menagerie by visiting, please send an email. We’ll respond and work with you to schedule your visit as soon as it’s possible. 

Currently we don’t offer large group tours.

Our Mission:

To provide a secure, safe, loving environment, proper nutrition and veterinary care for stray, abandoned, neglected or homeless farm animals and working class dogs.  To educate and inform to the community about the plight of homeless farm and herding animals as well as the ways volunteers and other interested parties may be a part of the solution. In addition, we promote the preservation of open spaces and woodland areas for wildlife.

April 2016 Goals Updates:

Honeysuckle – We have eradicated all invasive honeysuckle from the Ranch property. However the garden center directly in front of us has not. 
Revive the hive – We have a beekeeper who’s hives arrive in the late spring. They winter in southern climates. 
501c3 tax exempt status – Not yet. But we are considering trying to raise funds for this using a crowdfunding site. 

Our Long-Term Goals:

Obtain 501c3, tax-exempt status

Grow most of our own feed and hay

Help to “Revive the Hive” by providing bee hives to benefit the honey bee population, not for the honey

Project “Flying Blind” – building and installing bat houses throughout the ranch and adjoining properties

Rid the property of honeysuckle

Plant native species like paw-paw trees, etc.

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