Latest Photos – Nefarious Goat Steals the Show from Shadow the Lamb

Last week I took two of my photographer friends to The Ranch Menagerie to meet and photograph Shadow, a little black lamb who is bottle fed. It’s one of those cases where the mother sheep has twins and one lamb doesn’t get enough milk. Nick has had to do this before, but fortunately it doesn’t happen often. It’s great from a picture taking point of view, though, because normally the mother sheep and goats take off for the back of the pasture with their babies in tow if strangers approach. 

Shadow is very tame and happily follows his surrogate mother (Nick) around. 

Another formerly bottle fed baby at the ranch is Nefarious the goat. He has been seen on a lot over the years. Nefarious is full grown and is not your average angora goat. On this particular day, he really stole the attention from the little lamb. 

I think the pictures tell the story pretty well. 

We arrived and Nick brought Shadow up to the front. He was happy to be held at first, but as soon as got a taste of the grass he concentrated on grazing. He only looked up for a minute when he heard Nefarious approach. 

Nefarious began posing at once. Shadow went back to grazing.  

Nefarious gave us the ‘over the shoulder’ pose, the ‘who me?’ pose, then made kissy face close-ups. The boss turkey hen (she leads the flock and is called Boss Turkey) showed up. She had a lot to say that morning. 

Nefarious started making friends with the new visitors while Boss Turkey kept commenting. Nick shared a couple of group shots he got of the lambs and the baby goat. Their mothers are used to Nick, they wouldn’t let the rest of us near their lambs or kids. 

Spicy the dog joined the group and sat prettily, waiting for a dog treat.  Shadow kept enjoying that sweet, sweet grass.  Nefarious got so friendly with the photographers that he decided to go home with them. (Just kidding, that’s Nefarious in Nick’s van, having a bite of lettuce from Tom’s Market. 

As you can see (below) Nefarious is a very helpful goat. In this final picture he’s helping to put the donated bags of feed away. 

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