Time to Give Thanks

The turkeys of The Ranch Menagerie are thankful that they live in a no-kill facility!

The turkeys of The Ranch Menagerie are thankful that they live in a no-kill facility!

The animals at The Ranch Menagerie might not be able to say so themselves, but they have a lot to be thankful for this year, starting with you, dear reader.

During the past year, major money-saving decisions were made regarding the ranches web site. Switching to this blog not only saved a lot of money, it has also helped us reach even more supporters than before. So we are all very thankful for WordPress and Facebook. In fact, if they could understand even the idea of ‘the internet,’ I’m sure the animals would also be very thankful for eBay and PayPal, too.

If they could, they’d thank the volunteers who spend time posting blogs and working on the Facebook page and the eBay auctions, and of course everyone who donated items that the ranch volunteers could sell online.

They’d really want to thank each and every Ranch Menagerie supporter who drops by to donate cat food, dog food, cracked corn or hay, faithfully. Several of the dogs (especially Spicy, Gino and Mae) do often thank these generous friends of the ranch personally, and exhuberantly. But all the animals, even if they’re a little shy around visitors, are very thankful for each of you.

Although animals don’t worry about money, if they understood they’d want to thank everyone who has donated online or at a U.S. Bank branch toward their care and feeding and veterinary care. Without your help, where would they be?

But animals live in the moment, and so right now whether it’s Thanksgiving Day or not, the animals of The Ranch Menagerie are quietly thankful for their caretaker, Nick, who always makes sure they are loved, have plenty to eat and drink and a good, safe place to live.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends from everyone at The Ranch Menagerie.


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