Animals of The Ranch: Meet the Pigs


Here at The Ranch, we currently have 4 rescued pigs. Two were left here on the property by a previous tenant, and 2 were rescued as piglets.
The 2 boys (Rascal and Roscoe) are the piglets in one of our YouTube videos.

They don’t know it, but Rascal and Roscoe were originally purchased very young and were supposed to be python food! They grew faster than expected and were, luckily, brought to The Ranch Menagerie instead.

Pigs are amazing animals, and it’s no wonder many people decide they want to try having a pig as a pet. Unfortunately, zoning regulations keep many people from living this dream. Another problem with having a pig for a pet is a lack of knowledge in general about pigs and barnyard animals. (I’ll go into more detail about learning about pigs later, in an upcoming hub article).

One things pigs really like (and in fact need) is room to forage. It’s not safe for them to wander free, especially with an orchard and pumpkin patches right next store to The Ranch!

The two female pigs are known as Pearl and Mother-of Pearl. When The Ranch took over the care and feeding of these two friendly, abandoned pigs, they’d been improperly fed and cared for. In fact, Mother was mechanically blind, due to a large layer of fat hanging over her eyes.

After consulting with our Vet, the two female pigs were put on a healthy diet consisting of pig feed, lots of fresh water and plenty of fresh vegetables. Spinach is a big favorite of all four pigs, although they each have their own individual tastes.  Pigs love fruit, and would over-eat on that if allowed, but we only offer them fruit in small quantities (for dessert, you might say).

I could write all day about Mother-of-Pearl’s weight-loss success, but I think these photos say it all:

This is Mother-of Pearl, Before her new diet.

This is Mother-of Pearl, Before her new diet.

This sad photo shows how a bad diet caused 'mechanical blindness.'

This sad photo shows how a bad diet caused ‘mechanical blindness.’

But then, after eating properly and following her doctor’s orders, just look at her success:

A happier, healthier, lighter pig!

A happier, healthier, lighter pig!

 pearl after 2

Pigs are social animals, and our pigs enjoy one another’s company (as you can see in the above photo). They never met a stranger they didn’t like, and – believe it or not – some of their best friends are cats.

For instance, in this photo (that has been featured on our web site before) where Jasper the Cat takes a piggie back ride:

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